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Ayurvedic Drugs Can Help In Mild to Moderate Cases of Covid-19,

Ayurvedic Drugs Can Help In Mild to Moderate Cases of Covid-19

A team of doctors from the Ayush Ministry’s All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) in Delhi discovered that Ayurvedic treatments such as Ayush kwatha and Fifatrol tablets can be successful in mild to moderate cases of Covid-19 infection in a “very short time” with “full symptom regression.”

According to a case report published in the AIIA journal ‘Ayurveda Case Report’, using four Ayurvedic interventions—Ayush kwatha, Sanshamanivati, Fifatrol tablets, and Laxmivilasa rasa—not only improved the condition of the Covid-19 patient but also made the rapid antigen test negative within six days of treatment.

According to the study, a 30-year-old male health worker who was infected with coronavirus was treated with Samshamana therapy, which included the oral administration of Ayush kwatha, Sanshamani Vati, Fifatrol tablets, and Laxmivilasa rasa.

The patient was put on home quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19. The listed treatment plan was successful in symptomatic relief (fever, dyspnea, anorexia, exhaustion, anosmia, and dysgeusia) as well as viral load resolution, as the patient tested negative in the RAD for Covid-19 within six days of intervention and an RT-PCR test was also done on day 16, which was confirmed.

Fifatrol, an herbal medicine developed by AIMIL Pharmaceutical, is used to treat infections, flu, and colds. Guduchi, sanjeevini ghanvati, daruharidra, apamarga, chirayata, karanja, kutaki, tulsi, godanti (bhasam), mrityunjaya rasa, tribhuvana kriti rasa, and sanjivani vati are some of the herbs that improve immunity.

Ayush Kwatha is a blend of four medicinal herbs found in almost every Indian kitchen: basil, turmeric, fenugreek, and saffron.

Sanshamani Vati (also known as Guduchi Ghana Vati) is an ayurvedic herbal formulation that can be used to treat a variety of fevers. Cough, cold, and rhinitis are all treated with Laxmivilas Ras, a traditional herbomineral medication that primarily contains Abhrak Bhasma. It relieves congestion in the throat and sinuses.

The AIIA’s Dr. Sisir Kumar Mandal, Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, Dr. Charu Sharma, Dr. Shalini Rai, and Dr. Anand authored the report. The current case study demonstrated the efficacy of Ayurvedic therapies in a mild-to-moderate case of Covid-19 infection in a very short period with full symptom regression, the report said.

No traditional drugs were used in the procedure, which was individualized, holistic, and based solely on Ayurvedic principles. With this case study, it is clear that Ayurveda has enormous potential to combat Covid-19 and other pandemics; large-scale, multi-center randomized and controlled clinical trials are urgently needed “According to the report.

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