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Ayurvedic Travel Tips for Long-Distance

Ayurvedic Travel Tips for Long-Distance Flights

Two days before the trip make a half-gallon of Tulsi (Holy Basil) tea and guzzle it down. Holy Basil is a powerful adaptogen that boosts the body’s immune and stress-relieving qualities. Organic India is a reputable company that sells high-quality Tulsi tea. You’ve arrived at your destination and are relaxing in your luxurious hotel room, but your skin is rough as sandpaper!!

Give yourself a complete body massage with that handy vial of almond or jojoba oil from your amenity bag. After that, take a warm shower to get rid of it. You’re in luck if your hotel has an Ayurveda Spa. To assist your skin return to normal, treat yourself to an oil Abhyangam massage.

Allow 15 minutes after showering to apply a touch of food-grade sesame or almond oil all over your body before driving to the airport. Every nook and cranny was explored. Even there, yes! Allow it to absorb into the skin for a few minutes. To save the plumbing, wipe it off with a paper towel or cotton rag and then wash it off with a warm shower.

You just finished an oil painting. Congratulations, Abhyangam! Warm some sesame oil, dip your finger in it and push it up to your nose the day before your journey. Nasyam, or oleation of the nostrils, was performed. Use a dropper to apply 1 drop of oil to each nostril if you’re feeling adventurous. You’ve just established a barrier between the harsh outside world and your delicate nasal lining.

Add a vial of 30 mL Almond or Jojoba oil, a saline nasal spray, and a tiny bottle of 100 percent Organic rose water spray to your airport amenity kit for plane travel. To stay hydrated, apply to your face, neck, hands, and nose regularly. During the flight, a light 100 percent wool scarf serves as both a gorgeous adornment and an extra blanket. When you locate a peaceful location to stretch, you can also use it as a yoga strap. Hip openings, forward bending, and shoulder stretch all benefit from this move.

Find a prayer room at any international airport and practice ‘Ishvara Pranidhana,’ or surrender to the higher power. Spend a few moments offering the Divine yourself and your experience. I frequently find myself gliding through Immigration, strolling to baggage claim, and reaching out for my bright ginger pink Samsonite as it makes its way to me on the carousel when I am in utter surrender.

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