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Physiotherapist Suggestions for – Safe Practices at Workplace

A physiotherapist diagnoses and treats accidents that happen in the workplace. These can be acute or incremental over time because of overuse. Overuse injuries arise from repetitive stresses that cause muscles, ligaments, or joints to be micro-damaged. The micro-damage gets bigger over time, and pain and weaknesses become noticeable.Injuries from overuse are very common, hard to diagnose, but relatively easy to avoid.

Any degree of risk of injury comes with every work. To keep yourself fit and work-ready, it is important to know what your risks are and to mitigate these risks.Here are some general tips from professionally qualified, skilled & experienced Physiotherapists from Arogyaus, on how you can maintain healthy  body mechanics, from head to toe. This list is not comprehensive, so it is necessary to personally understand each job you have to do, and what risks might be involved.

Low back:

With low back pain, lifting exercises and proper sitting posture will make a huge difference! Try to support the natural curve of your spine by either a ‘lumbar support’ or a rolled towel if you sit a lot. If your work involves a lot of lifting hold the load tight to your body that you are lifting.

Get into a lunge or a squat stance if what you are lifting is below waist height and stick your bottom out as if you were going to sit in a chair. This helps maintain a slightly arched ‘neutral spine’. Finally, stop twisting and bending simultaneously concerning lifts, or picking up / putting down something of any weight. Arogyaus has professionally qualified & skilled Physiotherapists who can help you with therapy for the low back to reduce your pain and restore normal functioning.

Legs and feet:

When you have a foot or both planted, stop twisting your body. Wear shoes that are comfortable and perfect for your work. To help protect your feet and legs, make sure you wear them when working if you have been prescribed orthodontics.

Change your position if you are sitting:

Try not to sit with your legs crossed all the time, and if you cross your legs, try to match the length of each leg.


Working over shoulder height repetitively will put you at risk of an injury in the shoulder called ‘impingement.’ If possible, avoid putting your hands overhead, or above the height of your shoulder, particularly while lifting. Do not reach away from the body repetitively bring the body closer to where you are operating, if possible.

Upper body:

Rounded shoulder posture is the other common bad posture. The muscles in the front of the chest get tight when they are too long in this position, and the muscles in the back get long and loose. Often, stop hunching the upper back, which can also add to the stance of the forward head. With your chest open and proud, holding your shoulders drawn back.

Hands and fingers:

If your work includes bending your wrist or fingers a lot, squeezing or grasping, stretching those tired muscles is necessary and strengthening the opposing muscle groups to balance them out. When you work on a monitor, look at the keyboard or the mouse to see what your wrist location is. Ideally, they shouldn’t be bent too far towards you, and the bottom of your wrist should not be bent too far.

Head and neck:

The forward head pose where the chin juts forward and hinging occurs around one vertebra in the lower neck is a typical posture that is a major no. Keep a good gentle chin tuck, with the back of your neck long, any time you’re in an upright position.

If you experience fresh pain or weakness, take care of it as quickly as possible consult a physiotherapist from Arogyaus. While many injuries take 4-8 weeks to heal at the tissue level, if the injury does not have a chance to heal, or if it gets re-aggravated, this period may be longer.Be aware of what you feel, what your work demands are, what could have triggered it, and how you can mitigate the risk. Seek assistance where help is needed, whether through the first aid service of your job, or a health professional.

Arogyaus professionally qualified, skilled and experienced physiotherapists have helped many people overcome their pain and inconvenience. If you think you need professional help please call us at 8260336699.

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