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Summer Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Summer Ayurvedic Lifestyle – ‘Arogyaus’Ayurvedic Experts’ Advice

Summer is the season when our natural strength and immunity are at their lowest, so maintaining a healthy summer lifestyle is critical to avoiding illnesses and infections. Follow these tips to boost your health during this vulnerable period.

Condition of the Body in summer:

During the season, Vata builds up in the body and pitta rises to the surface. As a result, digestion suffers and the skin becomes prone to inflammation.

Arogyaus Ayurvedic Experts Recommended Ayurvedic Lifestyle for summer let us explore:

  • Brush your teeth with mint and neem powders to start your day. Alternatively, you can use these powders to massage your gums or choose toothpaste containing these herbs.
  • Bathing with cold water regularly, and saunas with soothing herbs like sandal, are all beneficial.
  • It’s a good idea to give yourself a light massage with coconut oil. Do just the bare minimum of activities. It’s very refreshing to walk barefoot on a wet, dewy lawn. Since eyes get tired throughout this season, it’s also a good idea to do some eye exercises.
  • Dresses that are thin and loose are perfect for this season.
  • Decorate roses and jasmine in your home to help you relax.
  • Summer is a good time to take an afternoon nap, particularly if you are a Vata or pitta kind.
  • Fruit juices, rice flakes, jungle animal meat, milk, ghee, grapes, coconut water, and cornflour are all good options. At night, drink buffalo milk with palm sugar.
  • Add some ghee/olive oil to sweet, light, cold, and liquid foods. Consume a nourishing liquid meal, such as almond milk. Lunch should be eaten around midday. Dinner should be a light meal. Salads aren’t ideal at night in the summer; instead, opt for cooked or steamed vegetables. Red meat can be avoided.
  • Before 11 p.m., go to bed. It’s a good idea to rub coconut oil onto your soles and wash your face with organic rose water before going to bed.
  • Excess salt, sour and spicy foods and excessive sun exposure should all be avoided. Use an umbrella, a hat, and sunglasses to cover yourself from the sun.

In the summer, the digestive capacity is at its lowest. To avoid overheating, the body decreases its internal temperature. This is why, in the summer, your appetite is usually smaller, and you crave light foods like fresh fruit juices or salads.

It’s easier to choose the right summer diet when you understand food in terms of taste and energy. Often, bear in mind that how you eat is just as important as what you eat.

Make lunch your largest meal of the day, and eat in a peaceful and relaxed setting. This form of mindful hydration is in sync with nature’s cycles and helps to avoid heat-related illness.

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