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Best ayurvedic ways to eat for best digestive health

Best ayurvedic ways to eat for best digestive health

Most people these days are concerned about their digestive and gut health. You may frequently hear people in your immediate vicinity lamenting their intestinal problems. Indigestion, constipation, and diarrhoea are all far more common than you might think. If you’re concerned about your digestive health as well, Ayurveda may be able to aid you.

Ayurveda is a natural, safe, and effective traditional Indian medical therapy. According to this system of medicine, balancing your ‘Agni’ is crucial for optimal digestion and intestinal health. All digestive and metabolic functions in the human body are controlled by Agni or fire. Take care of your Agni if you want to boost your digestive health. Here are four different types of Agni, as well as some meal suggestions to help you balance them out.

Sama Agni, also known as balanced Agni, is a type of Agni that provides a variety of health benefits. People who are Sama Agni are healthy, joyful, have a strong immune system, and have fewer health problems. They can eat whatever they want because their stomachs are capable of digesting them without problems. They also don’t have to worry about modifying their eating habits according to the season or time of day.

Visham Agni, or uneven digestion, is another name for Visham Agni. Visham Agni is present in the majority of Vata dosha people. Irregular bowel movements, gas, bloating, dry skin, and acid reflux are common problems for people in this category. People’s moods, feelings, and hunger levels shift in an instant. Clear foods such as soups, ghee, and broths are recommended to calm the Visham Agni.

The pitta mind-body type is related to Tikshna Agni. Pitta’s bright and sharp properties usually help this Agni, but they can also irritate it and cause it to become overactive. Hyper metabolism is a feature of Tikshna Agni or acute digestion. Acid reflux and heartburn are common problems for people with this Agni. Fennel and mint teas should be consumed to chill down the Tikshna Agni.

Slow digestion, also known as Manda Agni, is associated with the Kapha mind-body type. Manda Agni’s people have a slow and sluggish digestive system. They become underactive, dull, and lethargic as a result, and they gain weight quickly. To keep the Manda Agni in check, don’t consume too many large meals in a day. Limit your intake of spicy foods and dried fruits as well.

Best ways to balance your Agni

  • Eat more green veggies and stay away from hot and oily foods.
  • At night, sleep for 7-8 hours.
  • Avoid emotional eating at all costs.
  • Maintain a healthy level of physical activity
  • Drink plenty of water regularly.

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