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Ayurveda- Healthy Living

Ayurveda healthy Living: For 3,000 years in India, Ayurvedic Medicine was developed. There is a belief that health and wellness are called exquisite stability connecting the mind, body, and soul. The main aim of Ayurveda is to assist good health.

Ayurveda is the natural process of curing diseases. It is more efficacious than allopathy and surgery, as it is a slow process but is more effective.

Diet is the most important factor for our healthy lifestyle such as for physical as well as for our mental health. Through a proper diet routine, various health problems could be cured.

Diet procedure:

  • Vegetables and fruits should be properly washed before cooking.
  • Boiling, steaming, and grilling methodology should be used for cooking.
  • Have your meal on time, i.e. when you feel hungry eat up.
  • The freshly cooked food is healthy, reheat and refrigerated food lose its taste.
  • Avoid eating when your mind is disturbed as at the time you will eat less otherwise excess.
  • Have milk products at least a day, as it gives you calcium, i.e. vitamin D, vitamin K.
  • If you are having your meal, then you should be focused on it.
  • Fried foods should also be avoided, less amount of ghee and oil should be used for cooking.

Daily intake food items:

  • Food prepared with cereals and barley should be included in your daily diet food, as it makes you fit and healthy.
  • High Fibre Content like Fenugreek (methi) helps in reducing blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

We must change our daily routine when the season changes, advised by Ayurveda.

In our daily list routine, we should also add up exercise, at least for 30 minutes. Having a walk also makes you fit, healthy and active. It also averts you from heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and some cancer disease risks.

Also, you read how physiotherapy helps you to heal from strains of muscle.

Coming to conclusion, we got to know Ayurveda plays a very vital role in our daily lifestyle, and following its process, we can maintain a healthy life.

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