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Healing Anxiety & Depression – An Ayurvedic Approach Arogyaus – Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Depression & Anxiety

Arogyaus offers best ayurvedic medicines for Depression & anxiety. Simply stated, depression arises when a person’s essential Self is denied access as a result of this obstacle. Losing deep access to the heart and soul for a sensitive person, who by definition has more inherent access than other people, is devastating. Fatigue is the body’s first physiological reaction to a mind that has exhausted the body in the name of control and self-preservation

Since the body and mind need energy and reserves to calm themselves down, regulate moods, and initiate sleep, anxiety is a function of this fatigue. The body and mind eventually become depressed or physiologically tired as the fatigue continues. The good news is that healing the root of anxiety and depression is a joyful discovery of your real, abiding existence, rather than a debilitating process of endurance and strain.

When the mind has taken over, it works to ensure that we don’t know we’ve lost contact with ourselves. It uses strong emotions like rage, guilt, and envy to distract focus. It seduces through the senses, directing focus away from the Self and toward the worlds of wealth, success, fame, food, and others. When all else fails, it turns to fear to close the door.

The mind does an outstanding job of maintaining this impenetrable barrier, constructing and modifying a personality to act as a cover. This persona becomes our public face to the world, a fabricated front we put up to shield our heartfelt emotions. We answer to the needs and whims of Mom and Dad, siblings, employers, and mates, rather than our true nature, which is safely concealed inside.

We soon find ourselves separated from our happiness and juggling obligations to make someone else happy and embrace us. We become hostages, bound by deceit and shielded by terror. We turn into actors in a bad film who must stick to the script’s lines.

We do not need or desire this degree of defense as adults. We yearn to connect with our true selves, to find out what we’re passionate about and who we are. This is what it means to “come to our senses.” We want to feel—deeply—rather than being overwhelmed by our senses and basing our satisfaction on the result of a World Series game or a newly released film.

The senses can then become conduits for consciousness, transporting knowledge from the mind to the heart, opening the gates to perception, and revealing who we are.

Taking Control

When your mind is in control, you’ll be more concerned about what others think of your life’s movie than with the material itself. You become the director when the mind relinquishes control of the situation to the heart. The movie becomes about the strength, reality, and beauty of your soul’s message, your intent when your heart is in control.

When we are seated in the director’s chair and notice that we have the same habits, we may choose to make a change. We will have much greater control over what happens when we look at things from a wider, more comprehensive viewpoint. We can more precisely and quickly define the origin of a particular character trait or pattern of behavior, and we can fix it.

The habits formed in the mind influence us both spiritually and physically, in addition to psychoemotional. The energy sheath (pranamayakosha) is located just outside the mental sheath and is where prana, or life force, travels. When the mind is in control, the flow of prana is disrupted. When prana does not flow freely, the subtle body system’s energy flow is interrupted.

If prana does not flow, the 72,000 subtle energy channels (called nadis) do not activate or even exist. The energy centres (chakras) don’t spin if energy isn’t flowing through the nadis, and spiritual growth is slowed. The body sheath is also assisted by the energy sheath (annamayakosha). Prana must flow freely for the doshas to balance, the seven dhatus (tissues) to create, and the gross channels (srotas) of circulation, such as blood and lymph, to travel, according to Ayurveda.

We may see a connection between anxiety and depression and blood sugar, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, fibromyalgia, digestive problems, fatigue, and insomnia at the physical level. In other words, the repercussions of the initial mental crackdown spread outward, eventually shutting down all life-supporting structures. Arogyaus offers best Ayurvedic medicines for depression and anxiety.

Ayurvedic philosophy holds that we are balanced, whole, and happy in our hearts. It’s crucial, then, to develop behaviors and practices that promote the emergence of our intrinsic nature while also bringing mind, body, and spirit into harmony. In addition to herbal remedies, Ayurvedic medicine can recommend yoga, breathing techniques, and lifestyle tools to correct the imbalance. Arogyaus offers the best medicine for anxiety and depression. Nature and the natural cycles of life must also flow following our natures. There are innate, native calls to establish and sustain equilibrium, much as the leaves on the trees change color in the fall and birds migrate south for the winter.

Simple seasonal improvements to our habits are important in an Ayurvedic approach to anxiety and depression care. Our eating habits, workout schedules, and sleep cycles all affect our overall health. Following nature’s lead, for example, at the start of fall is helpful for everyone, but particularly for people suffering from depression.

Make sure you’ve expended enough of the summer’s heat by consuming more cooling, seasonal foods. As the weather gets colder, start adding more fats and proteins to your diet, as this is what winter demands. You will gradually become more self-aware as you begin to live by your environment, and the challenges, worries, and imbalances that have kept you a prisoner of anxiety and depression can be overcome. Arogyaus offers you the best Ayurvedic medicines for anxiety and depression, which help in totally reducing them.

Our doubts are the only obstacles that stand in the way of our recovery. Our doubts are the only vestige of mental power. However, once you face a fear, you will break through its illusory walls by being able to do the things you are most afraid of doing. Each of us has the opportunity to confront our fears. We can chip away at them one by one, starting with the tiny ones, until we are fearless and free.

Life starts to flow naturally, and we are encouraged by a full interactive flow between the koshas—the body sheath, energy sheath, mental sheath, and bliss sheath—rather than remaining trapped or questioning our new path. We should find a road deep into the heart, where we experience our most beautiful, stable lives.

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