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What is Tennis Elbow & Ways to Fix it

Tennis elbow what is it?

The tennis elbow is a disease in which the tendons that connect to the outside of your elbow become swollen and make it difficult to use the elbow and hand. On the outside of your elbow, it results in discomfort. Arogyaus has experienced and skilled physiotherapists who can help you to reduce pain and get back to your normal activities .

What is the cause of tennis elbow?

Overuse, underused, and excessive forces that leave the tendon in a weakened state may result in tendon breakdown.

How do you detect tennis elbow?

  • Tenderness when the outside bony part of your elbow is pressed on.
  • Pressure in an extension movement when you use the muscles that drive the wrist, index and middle fingers.
  • Pain while grabbing an object.

What should you do if you think you have tennis elbow?

The odds of overcoming the symptoms are high if you have mild symptoms. It is best to seek the assistance of a medical provider if your symptoms have not improved within 6 weeks. It may be more difficult to recover if you have serious symptoms, and it is best to seek care early on.

Arogyaus experienced and skilled Physiotherapists can assist you in controlling pain,strengthening the affected area and improving flexibility. A physiotherapist may provide a range of therapies, help you to understand the problem and get you back to your usual activities.

It is proven that physiotherapy is effective for tennis elbow

Initially, it is important to control the load on the tendons by avoiding or modifying provocative behaviour and addressing any ergonomic issues that can bring excessive load on the tendons.Later, to promote tendon remodelling and resolve muscle fatigue, imbalance and coordination, it is important to start physiotherapy. Research shows that physiotherapy is the cornerstone of tennis elbow rehabilitation. The form and dosage of exercise will depend on at what point the tendon is healing.

Factors that complicate the recovery process

Other factors that can hinder tennis elbow recovery are

problems with the neck and back, a large tear in the tendon, changes in the processes of pain absorption, muscle fatigue and imbalance, or work-related problems such as managing heavy repetitive loads. It is necessary to be treated by a physiotherapist to help control these variables if your lateral elbow pain does not improve.

There are two proven that are helpful for tennis elbow,managing load in the related areas and physiotherapy at the right time. See a physiotherapist at arogyaus for diagnosis and treatment advice if you have moderate lateral elbow pain, that has not progressed in 6 weeks or if you have extreme lateral elbow pain.

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